Thursday, June 14, 2018

Once or Twice a week skincare must try

Neogen Dermalogy Bio-peel

I first seen this product via Get It Beauty series. A Korean beauty talk show. I love the sweet wine smell that I bought and try it. It says to remove all impurities and dirts on your skin. It even make my face glow after using. 
Read more of this product here:

Olive leaf Rosehip Oil

Olive leaf Rosehip oil is always my favorite oil. Infact you can actually use this daily as your skincare rather then once or twice a week. Olive Leaf rosehip oil is a  highly concentrated, collagen enhancing blend for your face.Olive leaf extract is rich in the powerful antioxidant compound Oleuropein, shown to be 400% more potent than vitamin C, helping to revitalize, protect and brighten your skin. Apart from the oil, they have much more product. Read more here:

Labottach V-Up Patch

Perfect for v-line/face lifting, this patch contains Collagen, green tea extract, caffeine and some other ingredients which help to tighten and lift up loosen chin skin. The long-lasting moisturizing effect also helps to moisturize dry skin on the chin and neck. It can be used for 6-8hrs (I used this overnight as this is usually the hrs that I’m sleeping) 

Labottach V-Chin Patch

While the V-Up Patch helps for V-line, this V-Chin patch gives that additional push all the way from your neckline giving an intensive care for elasticity of chin with moisturizing and smoothing effect.
Recommended for those with saggy chin skin, I love to use this alternate between the V-up Patch.

Revital Eyepatch

Revital eye patch is my next must have item! It’s super effective for dry loose skin under the eyes, treating dark circles and the swollen eyebags! This is a quick solution to soothe your under eye! If you are my follower, you will know I have really bad eyebags. This can be use daily to keep your eye bright and fresh!

To read more and find out more products which Labottach carries, please refer to:

Lastly, let me introduce to you an awesome mask which you might have not seen it yet.

Joyan premium Birdnest Mask

Joyan Premium Birdnest Mask is actually a brand from China, now I know what you're thinking. When I was first introduced to this brand, I was skeptical too being the fact where the product is originated from. But since I received it as a gift, I decided to put up the courage to try it. Since then, I've never try to look for any other brand face mask.
Joyan Birdnest mask comes in 2 series.

1. Birdnest Hydrating Mask

The hydrating mask provides ultimate optimum moisturizing effect and you can literally see your face glow the following day. 

2. Birdnest V-Shaped Uplifting Mask

Thid V-Shaped uplifting mask provides you with excellent full face + neck lifting result with just 1 used! It also helps in whitening at the same time. Best if you use it together with some facial massaging wand! Even the CEO of this brand swears by it and uses it everyday. 
We definitely believe it when we saw how gorgeous glowing her face is 😍
Both Joyan mask are available to purchase through their online store at  
Btw they sell premium consumable birdnest too. I shall do more review on them soon.

So I have come to the end of my recommendation, do you have any product which you feel that everyone should try too? Comment below and let me know :) Cheers!

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