Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Ly Beauty store - SoSlim, SheroChing firming mask & Honey Kiss Organic lipgloss review

Hello everyone! I'm here to introduce you an online beauty store that sells awesome beauty products here in Singapore!

Ly Beauty store.

LY beautystore is a one stop beauty store where they assures you to have the best quality services of our professionalism.

They are the First Multibrandings Microbusiness with Levon whereby they have 5 brandings which are of Shero Ching, Lafre,  Secret, Soslim ,Wouwou to your essential needs.

I tried 3 products from them.

SoSlim, SheroChing Firming face mask and Honey kiss organic lipgloss.

Let me introduce to you the product one by one.


This gel is formulated in Singapore which includes real gold flakes!
Unlike typical slimming cream / gel, this gel gave you cold sensation when applying.
I love the amazing effects which includes:
 Reduce cellulites
 Reduce stretch marks
 Reduce water retention
 Reduce dark spots or scars
 Firming and lifting
 Highly moisturizing
 Whiten and brighten
 Increase skin’s elasticity
 Disintegrate stubborn fats
You know how I look slim in photos and real life but it's all hidden and covered up by my clothing.
Even when sitting down with tight pants, my tummy is bloated out 😭

 If you realize, I rarely wear crop tops / bikinis since given birth due to my hideous tummy. It's really so impossible for me to tighten the loose skin and also remove the stretch mark especially when I don't work out. Just after few days of using SoSlim, I can see slight improvement. But I guess I need to used it consistently and also watch my diet to help.

Yep I'm not lying....

One tube comes in 100ml and it actually lasted me for about only 2 weeks as I used it at many areas together with the massager that comes with it.
I didn't says losing weight but I actually lose slight weight after using.  Be sure to try especially those who has the similar problem as mine!

SheroChing firming mask

This SheroChing mask is really something I think everyone should at least try and invest in! I'm not doing a sales pitch just because I got sponsored or neither get any commission for successful sales. I'm recommending you guys based on my true experience.
This is the first mask ever that I've personally tried which shows immediate result upon using.
This mask uses Brazilian Pectin as one of the main ingredient. Brazilian pectin is a gelatinous substance formed by the rim of pods of coffee beans when they are exposed to the sun and then refined to form a special pectin. This special pectin is similar to caffeine, which effectively dehydrates fat cells, reduce fluids in cellulite tissue while lifting your skin and shaping the perfect face contour. With the chamomile extract, it helps to effectively shrink pores and increase skin elasticity. 
My face actually felt tight gradually while waiting for it to dry.
Can you see my cheek and chin area got more defined?
Well result also varies person to person. I heard that first time user should use this mask continuously for 1 week for maximum result!

Last product of the day,

Honey Kiss Organic Lipgloss

The Honey kiss organic Lipgloss is double certified organic lip gloss. 
It is a 2 in 1 function which served as Lip Gloss in day and lip care at night. Applied at night to sleep and wake up with beautiful lip! 



I like that is has my own unique colour when applied as the colour tone changes depending on your body/lip temperature 

Where to purchase??

Remember to check them out at:

Xoxo ❤

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Sample Store X Les Parfums De Farcent Review

Hello it's me again! 😀 I hope things are going well for ya'll...

Today I'm gonna filled your thoughts and senses with great fragrance as much as possible because I'm gonna review about a freshener from Farcent!

I was too happy when I received the parfums. As my neighborhood area are currently under going upgrading, hence my house window is closed all the time due to the dust everywhere and because of that, there's no air ventilation. So my house started to filled with weird smell and I was so desperate until I received 3 different range of  Les Parfums de Farcent.

About Les Parfums de Farcent (LPF)

LPF is the first perfume-type of freshener with fragrance developed by renowned European perfume house, each product has a unique scent and long-lasting effect.

I received 3 scents "Star Magnolia, Freesia & English Pear, Sea Salt & Wood Sage"

I love the cute packaging and it looks comparable to those luxury brand freshener out ther.

The perfume are IFRA certified, safe and of high quality scented materials and it comes in 2 forms.

Perfumed Diffuser

Made from Japanese plant deodorizer which uses innovative odour elimination to bring fresh air o Fashionable/modern design; unlike other fresheners you see in the market. Shaped like a perfume bottle, it acts a nice touch to the house as a display

The diffuser lasts up to 4 to 8 weeks and so right now I'm typing this review, I'm breathing my new fresh air away 😜

It's so easy to use with instructions attached to the box.

Perfumed Sachets (3 pc):

This is a very smart and fashionable design with a modern touch of simplicity. You can use this to freshen your wardrobe/car/cabinet/handbag and it will last up to 30 days

Just remove perfumed sachets from pouch, iInsert ribbon through the hole at the top of the sachet

Viola~~~ Hang it in wardrobe, car or simple place it in your drawer, cabinet or handbag just like how I did it..

It's a great gift for special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthdays

P.s: My fav scene is the Sea salt & Wood sage 😁

Where to purchase the products?

You can buy them on Sample Store.
There is a special promotion for members – Diffuser at $9.90 (u.p. $12.90)
Perfumed sachets at $4.90 (u.p. $5.90):

Diffuser – Star Magnolia
Diffuser – Freesia and English Pear
Diffuser – Sea Salt and Wood Sage
Perfumed Sachets – Star Magnolia
Perfumed Sachets – Freesia and English Pear
Perfumed Sachets – Sea Salt and Wood Sage

Alternatively, you can also buy them from Fairprice, Sheng Shiong, K-ART Showrooms and e-Store, as well as Qoo10 and Lazada

Hurry! Redeem your free sample exclusively at Sample Store

Perfumed Sachets – Star Magnolia
Perfumed Sachets – Freesia & English Pear
Perfumed Sachets – Sea Salt & Wood Sage

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally and believe will be good for my readers

Friday, July 12, 2019

Sample Store x VitaRealm Beauty Drinks review

Hello friends! Hope July has been great so far.

Today I'm reviewing beauty drink from VitaRealm.

Who is VitaRealm?

Following the success of VitaRealm®'s functional health arm, VitaRealm® Beauty carries the same die-hard spirit of providing quality and effective products to users. Formulated with the finest natural ingredients, expect to look and feel your absolute best from now on - our beauty elixirs will help you achieve that ~glow~ from within.  
VitaRealm® clinched the Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) - Promising Brand Award in 2018. 

So I have completed my 16 bottles of Whitening Collagen.

I was given 3 different kind of collagen to choose from.

Of course being the vain me which forever wants whitening, I choose the VitaRealm Whitening Collagen.

It contains glutathione which not only helps to reduce skin pigmentation and dark spots but also aids in liver detoxification. It contains PhytoflORAL which inhibits melanin formation and helps absorbs UV rays. Hence, this will help to reduce the impact of UV rays on our skin, thus giving us a fairer, brighter skin tone.

I really love the unique ingredients in the collagen which makes it even more yummier and enjoyable to consume. Just like drinking fruit juice!

Do you know you can identify beauty color from skin concerns?
Here are 3 for your info :)

Blue: Dull skin tone, dry skin, uneven skin tone, dark pigments
Pink: Sensitive skin, troubled skin, acne-prone skin, acne scars, enlarged pores
Purple: Thin and dry skin, sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines

I'm so happy that VitaRealm creates their Beauty Drink based on beauty color

The Blue packaging is the Whitening Collagen

The Pink is a Skin Perfecting Essence which balances sebum production, heal acne and scars

Lastly, the Purple one is the Anti-A.G.E Essence which helps to hydrates and firms skin, reduces sugar induced skin damages (wrinkles, fine lines)

It comes in a box of 8

I finished my 16th bottle and you can see my skin is more radiant and skintone more even due to the bright sun that caused me to have an uneven skin tone.

Can you tell which is Before and which is After? 🤭
I'm not gonna say because it's pretty obvious!!

Where to Purchase?

You can choose your collagen and purchase from their online store ( at $49.90 with free doorstep delivery for SG orders. They are also having a promotion on their website now at $39.90 (Until end Jul) or you can purchase from Watson’s stores at a discounted price of $39.90 for a box of 8 bottles (Limited time only!)

Do stay tuned to my Instagram as I will be doing a giveway soon on my Instagram story with compliments of VitaRealm! Do participate as you will be able to try out the goodies!

Thank you for reading..💓

Chao~~~ 💋

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally and believe will be good for my readers

Monday, June 17, 2019

First edible mask- Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial with J Studios

Hello peeps! I'm happy to share with you my review on the most relaxing facial I've done recently with J Studios.

Who is J Studios?

J Studios was established in 2011 by founder Jerrie Man. From a small beauty salon, she has turned the business into a professional beauty boutique and incorporated J Studios Beauty Care Pte Ltd, which now offers a wide-range of products and services.
They offer a comprehensive treatment menu that provides an extensive selection of treatments and therapies that are tailored to suit your needs.

So recently I tried a Relax And De-Stress facial With The Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial
Exclusively available at J Studios, the Bernard Cassiere Premium Salon in Singapore

J Studios was named the Bernard Cassiere Paris Premium Salon in Singapore, along with the exclusive rights to the award winning  Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial treatment.

The Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial, is an award winning treatment formulated with natural cocoa extracts and quality fair trade chocolate, and is rich in antioxidants and anti-free radicals. The relaxing Chocolate Anti- stress Facial is highly beneficial for stressed, dull, and tired skin caused by environmental damage and lifestyle habits, the treatment significantly helps to repair, detoxify, and protect the skin, while rejuvenating your skin to glowing radiance.

I went to the branch located at Haji Lane which are so easily accessible via Bugis MRT.

After my facial, I'm served this rich chocolate drinks
To let me continue my chocolate craving from the mask 🤣

The salon offer various service from face, body, hair to nail and there's different station cater for each service.

This is my favourite area. The waiting area before and after your service. Very instagramable!
Proceeding up to the facial room area, they have 4 room in different flowers theme. I was treated in the Calendula room.

Here's the video to my Facial instead of words!!

You must think that I'm crazy if I tell you that I ate my mask.
But I really ate it! It's edible 😋

Here's the individual products which was used.

You guys out there should really try this amazing and chocolaty facial ❤

For appointment booking,


Appointment Booking: 91828565


Facebook Page:

Instagram: @jstudiosbeautycare


31 Haji Lane Singapore 189224

 (Near Bugis MRT)

352 Jurong East Street 31, #01-131 Singapore 600352

(Next to Chinese Garden MRT)

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally and believe will be good for my readers

Friday, May 24, 2019

Refresh Wellness review (Your eczema saver at affordable price)

Hello guys! I'm super duper excited to share my first ever review without my face!

If you realized, I've always posted reviews definitely with my face as one of the image 😜
But this time I'm so proud and excited to share with you my reviews without my photo. Or maybe one if not you might think I took the image from Google haha..

Well what's this amazing product that makes me have the time to write a post now?

Have you heard of refresh wellness?
They are a company that sells collagen shower filters with different fragrance from Korea and an amazing soap that helps you treat your skins off any allergies or current wound that you have at an affordable price!

Why Shower Filter?

As most of you know, showering in unfiltered water is really bad for our skin as it contains strong level of chlorine.

Refresh Wellness Collagen Milk Shower Filter contains Vitamin C and it removes up to 99% of chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful substances from your water.

It helps your skin to be more moisturized, soothing and less itchy. It also helps to strengthens your hair by treating dry, oily and dandruff prones scalp and even reduce hair loss.
It's really the best Vitamins for our hair, skin and nails!

Easily installed, all your family members can enjoy the same benefits as you!

Their products are certified by SGS Laboratory Singapore, FDA, KTR & KAA Korea.

What's truly amazed me is this really affordable soap that treats my badly infected and burned hand less than 1 week of used.

Just look at the image.

Enough said. It's truly amazing isn't it?
I actually felt abit of stints when I use the soap. The stinging feeling is only felt at the wound, allergic areas and I learned that it is because it's actually trying to heal the affected area.

Here's one of my pic incase you think I googled for the hand!

I heard that the soap are selling out fast!
You can purchase it at the web below or PM me to purchase!

Now that I've finally get my excitement out, it's time to say goodnight! 🌹😊

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally and believe will be good for my readers

Monday, May 13, 2019

Non-Surgical Eyebag Removal Review - Aesthetics Central Clinic

Hello hello!! I'm super duper excited about this post! You read it . Non-Surgical eyebag removal!

Eyebags are always what I hated most on me.
It's really hard to prevent as my number 1 causes is due to sleeping disorder throughout accumulation of years.
Second reason which I have eyebag is also due to genetic. My mum has really bad eyebag and eye circles. 😅

I'm always finding way online how to remove eyebag or reduced it. The search usually aare those eyebag surgery which is expensive and needs to be under knife. I know you must be thinking are you crazy where's your eyebag?!! HAHAH! Yea you can't tell I have it because it's so bad that I need to use beauty app to take selfie la!!

Not until recently I was introduced to a Non-Surgical Eyebag removal by my regular aesthetic clinic "Aesthetics Central Clinic"

I was told that the first treatment it can already removed up to 30% of eyebags! (* Result varies from individual). I was so excited upon hearing that!

The Non-Surgical Eyebag Removal is an advanced Korean technology that utilises various types of patented micro-insulated needles to deliver precisely calibrated radiofrequency waves into the eyebags.
The skin is microscopically punctured at a carefully controlled depths to achieve two important goals:

1)  Burn away and reduce the bulk of the unwanted loose fatty tissues. The fats then gets removed naturally by our own circulatory system.

2) Tightening of the skin overlying the eyebag, and this induces new collagen synthesis, with the remodeling creating a tighter skin.

Ok I'm honest enough to show you my bare naked unedited face ok. Look at that pathetic eye. LOOK! 😭

Now after looking at my image, you understand my feeling better? That explained my excitement when I heard of this affordable and non invasive eyebag treatment!
This is the small tools for the treatment.
Anesthesia was used hence I don't feel any pain at all.

The machine to perform Agnes treatment.

Right after the treatment. Slight bruises can be seen.

The bruise will get darker in the next 2days.
This image is 3rd day of treatment

This is 2 weeks after treatment.
There's still some slight swell which I then go back to visit Dr Ryan and get it treated.

This is my eyes now. Less eye bags!!!
Good gracious lord 😍

Most patients may require up to a few sessions and the following will be the cost for the investment:

- Doctor’s Consultation Fee: $0
- Non-Surgical Eyebag Removal: $1,500 (one session), $2,500 (two sessions if needed)
- Post-Procedure creams/medications:
To be advised during the consultation, but it shouldn’t exceed $200

The above excludes GST.

For more information about the Eyebag Removal, please visit:

To book an appointment with their doctors or for further enquiries, please contact their concierge at 6221 8221 or 8448 8636 (whatsapp enabled).

I really wish for you to try out if you have the same problem as me and always wanted to know ways to treat it. Of course it still comes back to our own lifestyle. Even after the treatment,  it doesn't mean that it won't come back if you stay awake and not sleep or taking care of your own health.

Let's all lead a healthier life!

Share with me your thoughts on this treatment and if you have tried it❤

Ciaoxoxo 💋

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Délifrance Mother's & Father's Day treats review

Mother's and Father's day are coming. Do you have any plan to get a nice day that caters to both your beloved daddy and mummy?

Last week I had a chance to try out Délifrance exclusive special thanks to Sample Store 💓

I'm sure many of you have heard of the no stranger Délifrance. The brand has over 30 years of presence in Singapore. Currently, there are 17 cafe-bakery outlets in Singapore islandwide and they are all Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) halal-certified. All the food products sold at Délifrance Singapore's retail outlets are produced at halal-certified food manufacturing facilities.

Here's one of the cosy outlet located at Wheelock level 2.

This is the time of the year to pamper your mom and dad to a sweet reward at Délifrance with the cakes made specially for the occasion.Of course everyday should be mother's and father's day for all that they had done for us!

Délifrance has prepared 2 selections of delicious cakes for you to choose from.

The Passionfruit Cheesecake selling at ($62 whole cake and $7.20/slice) is a rich but refreshing and has a light twist to the classic rice cheesecake. The cranberries, raisins, pumpkin seeds and light osmanthus flowers add an elegant finishing touch to this yummy cheesecake which makes it unique and quite pleasant to one taste bud! I really love this wonderful creation!

And they say that the dad will appreciate this Blueberry Chocolate Cake ($62 whole cake and $7.20/slice)
This super sleek made with fine Couverture Chocolate, creamy butter and inner slightly filled with fragrant blueberry filling and fresh blueberries cake, is a to die for all you chocolate lover. However I'm not really a sweet tooth person, I find this a little sweet for me as I prefer dark chocolate compare to any others! To my surprised, my mum actually love this cake instead as she's usually the picky eater in our house 😜

Apart from the 2 cakes choices, you can bring your parents to any of the 18 outlets in Singapore, and enjoy the exclusive dine-in special available from 7th May - 16th June 2019.
Enjoy the quaint Tea Time Set with a sliced cake and choice of coffee or tea for $10.90; or you can try the Sandwich Set Meal with Salmon Sandwich, sliced cake and coffee/tea for only $16.90

Such a perfect place to pamper Mommy and Daddy with well-loved French cakes and pastries what are you waiting for? Go on to any of their outlet to have your mini party / celebration and feast on the wide selection of food!

Délifrance Contact:


Disclaimer: I was invited for a tasting and it was provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience.