Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Labottach review

Labottach review.
Hello everyone! Wishing you a nice day! Today I’m reviewing some beauty products from Labottach!
Who’s Laboottach?
Labottach is a pharmaceutical company established in Korea for more than 25 years. They have been focusing in research and developing pharmaceutical products in the past 20 years, and they are specialized in products treating skin problems faced by women from time to time especially when it comes to aging/acne problems.

Based on the highly innovated technology and creative formulation from their R&D department, their products are scientifically proven effective by going through several clinical test and acquired certifications from Skin Science Institute,GmbH(Germany).

Derma cosmo patch is one of the specialities item which can be applied onto various facial and body parts, providing solutions to aging acne and sensitive skin problems. Unlike typical mask, the patch is also named as hydrogel patch, a kind of material that can prevent the evaporate of main ingredient, and constantly provide moisture to the skin for 6~8 hours, a night care solutions that provide intensive care to the skin.

So now let’s take a look at what did I received for this review J

1.     V-up Patch
2.     Red Skin Patch
3.    Tzone AG Patch
4.    Foot Heel Patch
5.    Revital Eye patch

I have so much fun trying these babies! Let me show you the items breakdown and their benefits!

Labottach V-Up Patch

Perfect for v-line/face lifting, this patch contains Collagen, green tea extract, caffeine and some other ingredients which help to tighten and lift up loosen chin skin. The long-lasting moisturizing effect also helps to moisturize dry skin on the chin and neck. It can be used for 6-8hrs (I used this overnight as this is usually the hrs that I’m sleeping) 

After using overnight, my chin got the V visibly!

Retailing at $17/ box of 4 patch on their website.

Red Skin Patch

Red Skin Patch is a Hydrogel patch which helps to sooth red/flush check it provides great moisturizing effect compared to normal mask sheet for up to 8hrs. I haven’t try this yet as I don’t usually have flush cheek. I’m keeping this to use for my trip to Bali soon!

It’s selling at $15.90 for a box of 8 patches. 
Do let me know how it is if you have tried it!

Tzone AG Patch

T-Zone AG patch are best used when you feels that your T-Zone is getting dry, lacks of elasticity, looks dull and lifeless! It also helps to pump up some fine lines when used overtime. Just nice I have a small frown lines on my forehead and I feel delighted that this helps me with just one use!

Selling at $14.90 for box of 4patches.

Foot Heal Patch

This 2 steps foot heel intensive care patch helps remove corny dead skin and nutrition moisturizing. All it takes for this intensive program will just require 2days!
I have really rough heels because of callus and dryness. This is also caused by wearing wrap shoes/heels too often.
I’m glad that Labottach has this wonderful foot heel patch for problems like mine.
Just take a look at my rough and drying heels. The one on the top are before use and bottom are after a 2days intensive program. You can still see some dryness as because I should have removed the dried up dead skins after Step 1. But I don’t have any dead skin remover product, hence I moved onto step 2 on the 2nd day. But you can definitely see that it is healing slightly! I’m considering using this a few more time to completely heal my heel!

It’s easy to put on and I used this overnight J

Selling at $18.90 for a box of 4 patches.

Last item on this list are the Revital Eyepatch!

Revital eye patch is my next must have item! It’s super effective for dry loos e skin under the eyes, treating dark circles and the swollen eyebags! This is a quick solution to soothe your under eye! If you are my follower, you will know I have really bad eyebags. I’m glad I can use this daily to keep my eye bright and fresh! See the image for prove!

Selling at $11.90 for a box of 8patches

I’m sure you are keen to try this now! Greatnews!

Labottach are having a give away campaign for Singaporean ladies remember to join the campaign here

Also if you are keen to purchase, some products are available in BHG Bugis 
These are some of the location where the items are located at. 


or you can purchase online

Remember to like their Fb page at:


Disclaimer:  Labottach products was provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.


  1. This looks really good. I tried before other brand but always no result. Will check it out at BHG since I'm going there.

  2. Wow... seems is a must have products to be beautiful me yo. Is my very first time knowing there is a v line mask for make our chin more beautiful ler 0.0b

  3. I am keen on the V-shape face lift product. I wonder if they are available online or in Malaysian stores?

  4. I would prefer to see the Before pic for the v chin and eye patch. You've only provided After pic. Skeptical on both products as most products can't deliver up to my satisfaction.