Thursday, April 27, 2017

Make Time for fun! Come join yet another largest outdoor party for kid at SuperFunDae

SuperFunDae is doing it again! Yes you heard me right! SuperFunDae by Aviva is yet organizing yet another largest outdoor party for kids aged 2 to 12 in Singapore!! 

This is the third consecutive year that they are running it. 2015 is their inaugural year.

Aviva Superfundae is a one-of-a-kind funival where we can indulge in some unique, quirky and all-out fantastic all-day play with our family.

In our everyday rush, it’s easy to forget to have fun and how good it is to just hang loose and laugh out loud with your loved ones. It’s high time to play with your family – kids, parents, grandparents, siblings, friends - run around silly and overdose on some sunshine and happiness. After all, that’s what amazing memories are made of!

Experience play at its best via their games and activities which effortlessly fuse structured and free play. They showcase three main play elements:

  • CONNECTIVE PLAY: Through activities like Numakiki Jungle Obstacle and Craycrayspray Water Play, participants interact with one other, and enrich their communication skills and emotional wellbeing.

  • ACTIVE PLAY: Hone psychomotor skills - and fitness levels – through fun outdoor quests and dashes such as Beer Dash and Daddy Mommy Piggyback.

  • CREATIVE PLAY: Train the right brain by getting creative and hands-on with artsy workshops. Unleash the imagination with wild, “anything

Apart from the main elements, it comprises of 5 worlds in which kids can explore they also have various of play as seen ↴

While this event is held during June school holiday, I'm so excited to have fun with my son!

We are looking forward for the Mega Candy Cannon that fires Haribo gummies hourly. This is their key thing which many kids always looks forward to. Oh gosh I already felt like my inner kids are unleashing!

More info of the event FAQs are available here:

Early Bird ticket on sales from now till 30th April and Passion card members get 10% off.

Where will the event be?

   10 June 2017 (Saturday) from 10am to 9pm
   Gardens by the Bay, The Meadow 

Where to purchase the ticket?


Hope you have lots of fun with your little one and see you there! <3