Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I'm totally sold to Glovida

Nuf said. As seen as the title of my post, I'm totally sold to Glovida. By now you must be wondering why I'm saying that. Now before I tell you the reason,  let me introduce Glovida.

Who are they?

About Glovida
Glovida is a team of people with diverse strengths, personalities and skill-sets. They are the ones who dedicatedly maintain the health & beauty inventory in their 24-hour air-conditioned warehouses and lovingly pack the goods to be sent to their precious customers (US). Last and definitely not least, their team of finance, In Glovida they share their expertise from 50 years of experience in the healthcare industry to source and bring a carefully curated list of health & beauty bestsellers at prices we sure love, with the added convenience of delivering them right to our doorstep.
They are striving to provide a reliable source of health & beauty essentials at better prices (Nope they do not believe in constant price-slashing and bleeding themselves & other competitors to death, but abide in giving CONSISTENT good value and service for money product) or simply being a very accessible platform for others to source and ask about health and medical related topics.Their focus is on bestsellers only, which means they get only quality products on the site.
This is what got them started on the journey of Glovida. Glovida is made up of the words "Glow" and "Vida", which means "Life in Spanish.
Why did I say that I'm sold to Glovida? 
Here's why:
I'm a person that always shop online for clothes, cosmetics, baby and household products but it just hit me that I've never try buying health or beauty supplements online. It's also because I'm not into health / beauty supplements as I doubt on their function and their high price usually turned me off. I happened to got to know of Glovida recently and found some really interesting products on their website.  They offered wide ranges of trusted brands of health supplements like " Swisse, Aveda, Blackmores and many more... They also bring in hard-to-find beauty products (including clinic-exclusive items like Heliocare Purewhite Radiance, etc. which are only available through aesthetics clinics), as well as popular brands that are not easy to find in Singapore (e.g. Lucas Papaw, Vasse Virgin, Coconut Revolution, Aveda, etc.). I tried googling them and also found that they are especially popular with mummies for their wide range of probiotics products too.

I decided to try out 3 items through Glovida which I can't wait to receive it and share it with you guys. Especially when I know I be receiving the items by tomorrow! It's a super fast delivery as they provide free next day delivery with min spend of just $59/- Goodness! I can't sleep tonight knowing I will be receiving my babies tomorrow! 
I will be sharing it on a separate blog post about the item as soon after I tried them.
Also for first time buyer, sign up for their mailing list to get $10 off your first purchase with a minimum spend of only $30!!! Such good deals tell me how can you still not heading there?!

Find out more about them!
Website www.glovida.com