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Sunekos Singapore review

So all these years I have been suffering from the lack of collagen on my face which leads to saggy skin and double chin. No matter how many time I went for facial and the persuasion that frequent facial will improve my collagen doesn't help at all.


Until recently I was introduced to the Sunekos treatment which I got it done over at The Artisan Clinic .


What is Sunekos?


The Sunekos skin booster for anti-ageing is a new approach to the injectable aesthetics industry as it uses a mixture of both Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acids to stimulate the fibroblasts in the skin, producing collagen and elastin as a result. 

Fibroblasts play a massive role in the healing of wounds; by the Sunekos skin booster stimulating them, the fibroblasts then encourage new collagen and elastin, resulting in the skin tightening and plumping. You’ll be happy to know that this skin booster is also completely natural, with it just stimulating the healing process that your body constantly goes through when skin tissue is ever damaged.

How it works?

Sunekos works in two main ways:

It helps to thicken and firm up the skin by giving synthetic stimuli in the way of specific amino acids to the fibroblasts in the skin to produce collagen and elastin, which degrades as we age. It also provides hydration with hyaluronic acid.

The treatment is in a class of its own. Even though it’s an injectable, it’s neither a filler nor toxin.

Sunekos offers two different treatment options for skin regeneration, which can be performed separately or in combination – Sunekos 200 and Sunekos 1200.

Sunekos 200 contains a low molecular weight HA and Sunekos 1200 is a medium molecular weight HA. The 200,000 Dalton can be used alone to treat the face, neck, d├ęcolletage, dark eye circles and bags(like mine) and hands and is great for younger people. If additional ‘cushioning’ is required in the case of lax, sagging skin or deeper lines and wrinkles, then the Sunekos 1,200,000 can be combined to give extra scaffold support.

What it does?

Sunekos is mainly for helping rejuvenate the skin as well as helping to reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

It helps to firm, tone, smooth and tighten the skin. And it helps soften fine lines, especially in hard to treat areas like directly under the eyes.

What are the benefits?

Most patients want a treatment that has little or no downtime. This is great for that! For my downtime, it lasted mostly around 4 hours each time maximum. You can see from the image below.

Sunekos Review
Look at those small little bumps after the jab and just 3 hours my tiny bumps is all gone!

Can you see how lifted my face is immediately with only 1 treatment.

The process

So you will have to book your appointment as usual like how you usually do.

It's best to go with a clean bare face. Otherwise, you will need to remove your make up and wash your face thoroughly. For my case, as I always go out with sunblock, I need to wash my face too.

The staff removing my makeup and cleansing my face。

After your face is cleaned, numb cream will be applied onto your face for around 20-30mins (This is so you can have minimum discomfort during the whole process. Some area can get really sensitive that you can feel slightly like for me, it's at my laugh line and eye area.

Whole face is filled with numb cream >.<

For your first treatment, do allow additional 30mins allowance as you will need a consultation with the aesthetic doctor so that he/she can better recommend you on the area that you need the Sunekos treatment for.

Here's my first time meeting Dr Isaac. He's explaining to me that Sunekos will be good to lift up my cheek area. Dr Isaac is really professional and experienced that he can tell which part of my face needed the treatment within short mins.

After the consultation, I was brought into the treatment room. Dr Issac will mark on my face with markers the area that needed the jab.

After marking, Dr Isaac start injecting Sunekos. Sunekos, use a very fine needle so it is relatively pain-free. 

Dr Isaac Wong

Observing my face with the immediate result after jab at one side

I can resume normal activities following treatment and results are instant. For this reason, I think it's really worth it to try as you can see the difference straight away too.

For the initial treatment, it's recommended that I do the treatment 3 times continuously following 1 week from the first treatment. 

After 3 hours

The 2nd treatment I did additional jab at other area like my eyebags and laugh line. Hence it seems scarier because I do have minor sensitive skin but same as the first treatment, the downtime only lasted me 3 hours.

I love that the result can be seen significantly.
Here's the comparison of before and only after two treatment :)

You can get your own Sunekos treatment in Singapore over at The Artisan Clinic.

They are located at:


Address: 290 Orchard Rd, #07-01 The Paragon, Singapore 238859


Monday - Friday: 9am–7pm

Saturday: 9am–3pm

Sunday: Closed

Phone: 8879 7887

For more information about Sunekos treatment, you can check out their website

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