Monday, May 13, 2019

Non-Surgical Eyebag Removal Review - Aesthetics Central Clinic

Hello hello!! I'm super duper excited about this post! You read it . Non-Surgical eyebag removal!

Eyebags are always what I hated most on me.
It's really hard to prevent as my number 1 causes is due to sleeping disorder throughout accumulation of years.
Second reason which I have eyebag is also due to genetic. My mum has really bad eyebag and eye circles. 😅

I'm always finding way online how to remove eyebag or reduced it. The search usually aare those eyebag surgery which is expensive and needs to be under knife. I know you must be thinking are you crazy where's your eyebag?!! HAHAH! Yea you can't tell I have it because it's so bad that I need to use beauty app to take selfie la!!

Not until recently I was introduced to a Non-Surgical Eyebag removal by my regular aesthetic clinic "Aesthetics Central Clinic"

I was told that the first treatment it can already removed up to 30% of eyebags! (* Result varies from individual). I was so excited upon hearing that!

The Non-Surgical Eyebag Removal is an advanced Korean technology that utilises various types of patented micro-insulated needles to deliver precisely calibrated radiofrequency waves into the eyebags.
The skin is microscopically punctured at a carefully controlled depths to achieve two important goals:

1)  Burn away and reduce the bulk of the unwanted loose fatty tissues. The fats then gets removed naturally by our own circulatory system.

2) Tightening of the skin overlying the eyebag, and this induces new collagen synthesis, with the remodeling creating a tighter skin.

Ok I'm honest enough to show you my bare naked unedited face ok. Look at that pathetic eye. LOOK! 😭

Now after looking at my image, you understand my feeling better? That explained my excitement when I heard of this affordable and non invasive eyebag treatment!
This is the small tools for the treatment.
Anesthesia was used hence I don't feel any pain at all.

The machine to perform Agnes treatment.

Right after the treatment. Slight bruises can be seen.

The bruise will get darker in the next 2days.
This image is 3rd day of treatment

This is 2 weeks after treatment.
There's still some slight swell which I then go back to visit Dr Ryan and get it treated.

This is my eyes now. Less eye bags!!!
Good gracious lord 😍

Most patients may require up to a few sessions and the following will be the cost for the investment:

- Doctor’s Consultation Fee: $0
- Non-Surgical Eyebag Removal: $1,500 (one session), $2,500 (two sessions if needed)
- Post-Procedure creams/medications:
To be advised during the consultation, but it shouldn’t exceed $200

The above excludes GST.

For more information about the Eyebag Removal, please visit:

To book an appointment with their doctors or for further enquiries, please contact their concierge at 6221 8221 or 8448 8636 (whatsapp enabled).

I really wish for you to try out if you have the same problem as me and always wanted to know ways to treat it. Of course it still comes back to our own lifestyle. Even after the treatment,  it doesn't mean that it won't come back if you stay awake and not sleep or taking care of your own health.

Let's all lead a healthier life!

Share with me your thoughts on this treatment and if you have tried it❤

Ciaoxoxo 💋

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