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Have your finest Whiskey pairing with Omakase at Southpaw Bar & Sushi

Hello guys! How have you been? I have got a very exciting things I wanna share with you. I literally just came back from heaven after dining at Southpaw Bar & Sushi.

I know you must be thinking that I'm exaggerating, but hold on your comment and read through before you judge me alright. After all different human being have their own likes and preferences :)

Ok why I said that dining at Southpaw Bar & Sushi makes me feels like I'm in heaven?

Well few weeks back I was selected to go for food-tasting thanks to Jess yet again! Can't thank her enough for all this goodies 💓

Southpaw Bar & Sushi is a new Fushion bar which served Japanese food. But they are so modern that their decoration are nothing Japanese like except for the cosy 12 sitting tables by the bar. They are located along Cavan road at Cavan Suites.

What's even more unique is that, boss Roy will be around to mingle most of the time and also he usually teaches his patron to pair their delicious and fresh sushi with Irish / Scott Whiskey or Bourbon instead of the usual Sake or Japanese Whiskey. But that's nothing to worry for Sake / Japanese Whiskey lover as they have whole lot of collection in their restaurant too.

Boss Roy mentioned that he wants customer to feel special and cosy, hence he only have 12 sitting available. The food are all order to made. Which means it's strictly by reservation only.
Why? Because when the number of pax is confirmed, they will order their fresh ingredient which will than be delivered daily according to the maximum of 12 pax that night.

I was at first somewhere surprised by the small and narrowed area inside the restaurant but after sitting and walking around I felt really comfortable and the whole experience was very personalized.

What I like especially much is the unlimited collection of Whiskey from all over.

I have never been to Japan nor tried Omakase before and I just like the idea of being in suspends, spoiled and being served the freshest food by the chef.

I was there with 3 other gorgeous lady, Irene, Gisele and Janet for the food tasting.

Our first highlight was the appetizer. It was a Scottish Oyster and Salmon cartilage soft bone. Well before I even went there, I was discussing with Irene that she can have my serving of Oyster and I will take her salmon instead.

But guess what? I had my virgin experience of having Oyster under the encouragement of boss Roy as he convinced me that the Oyster ain't anything like those served outside. True enough! I never regret tasting it and I'm proud to mark this off my list of don't dare! The Scottish Oyster taste very mild with a nutty taste which lingers. What was even most interesting was after eating the Oyster, the boss will pour some Whiskey into the Oyster shell which mix with the remaining juice and let you taste. It was the best way to eat my first Oyster and also pairing Whiskey with Oyster, the experience was amazing. Serving along the Oyster, was the Salmon Cartilage soft bone. It's also my first time trying this part of Salmon. We was told that this is actually the best part of a Salmon.
I like how chewy the texture was and how it was prepared with Yuzu because of the tanginess of the Yuzu, it doesn't taste fishy.

Like as if the first dish wasn't good enough that we was served our 2nd dish and it was my favorite! Salmon Sashimi. I have eaten tons of Salmon Sashimi so this must be nothing new to me. But I was wrong! The Salmon are top with some black caviar, drizzle with truffle oil and sprinkles with bonito flakes. My oh my! I can't describe how special this dish was. I have never thought that truffle goes well with Sashimi. Yummy! Also it was super fresh that you don't smell any fishy smell.

The chef and boss continue to impressed us by letting us know that all the condiments and most ingredients are hand grown and handmade.

For example this wasabi here, are grown locally and they will pluck and grind on their own.

View how the chef prepare it here ↓
Impressive right?

I was served with this Irish Whiskey to go along with my fresh Sashimi. Just 1-2 drop of water and sip it in.
I love how it makes my sushi taste even tastier. The Whiskey wasn't too strong nor too light. 
 Our 3rd dish is the Sashimi Mori Wase. This set will cost you $48 itself.

Chef preparing
Everything here are edible and let the boss show you how below.
In this set there is: Shima Aji fish, Tai fish, Simmered Octopus, Tuna Belly,  and fresh sweet shrimp!

I must say I learned a new way to eat my Sashimi now so I can eat like a pro infuture.!

The next few Sushi was served individually.
Tuna. See that white stuff? It's the Japanese grated mountain yam

Ika lemon with Rock Salt

Horse Mackerel aka Aji

Hard Shell Agakai ( Japanese Hum)
This is one of the sushi which cracks a little dirty joke.
The boss mentioned that someone actually describe that this looks kinda like a women's "V****" oops.
P.s: It was mentioned by a female customer 😅

Oh btw I was also served Redbeast Single pot Still 12 years Irish Whiskey. This really taste good especially with toasted Sushi.

Last but not least, the best deal of the day was the Foie Gras!
This literally makes me asking for more. It was Irene and my first time trying it and mamami!
We felt like we went to heaven for a round.

Just look at how the chef prepares it.

I really craves for more after this and I kept selfie with it hahahaha.

After all our Sushi, we was all  served rich clam miso soup which was already brewed right before we eat. Hence the taste of the clam was really into the soup.

Well as for my I was served Bourbon as my dessert Whiskey to end my course.

Real dessert for dessert lover and ours for the day was Japanese Black sesame Ice cream.

There's a few Omakase choice available which ranging from:

Omakase Ume - $68++
Omakase Take - $98++
Omakase Matsu - $138++

And chef creation.

~Exclusive promotion for our reader at Southpaw bar~
FREE Wagyu Carpaicio for Birthday Boy / Girl (worth $38)
with any Omakase set ordered (Not valid with other discounts or promotion)

Simply mention this promo when booking an appointment.
Promo ends 30th Nov 2017.

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Southpaw Sushi & Bar: 11 Cavan Road, #01-04 Cavan Suites, Singapore 209848
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday (6pm – 12am), Closed on Sundays
Strictly by reservation only call : 9101 1941 
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Disclaimer: I was invited for a tasting and it was provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review. 

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