Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fisher's Tavern Seafood Review

Fancy a nice seafood meal with your family? Well I'm happy to introduce to you Fishers Tavern Seafood! Last week I have the privileged to be invited by Jess from to have a meal there. First let me tell you more about Fishers Tavern.

Fishers Tavern was first started in Pasir Ris Fishing Pond for 9 years and later moved to Yishun North Spring. They was there for 3 years and the recent move sadden alot of their regulars from the area especially the owner grew up in the North as well.

But that's a great news for me and many east / central sider as they have recently shifted to new place will be in between two MRT Lines with two nearby MRT stations. Blue and Green Line. I shall reveal the location later. Also what's even greater news is that they are Certified Halal! This is really a great news for all my Muslim friends. You know it's really difficult to get a nice and good seafood place with Halal certified! Now that's a plus point!

Now let's see what's on their menu and what's we've been served :D

I know the menu is too small for you to see, but fret not as they have the full menu on their website.
I invited my bff Siying and even brought my boy along the food tasting. It's always nice to get some opinion from others and a kids right? :p

We was served a total of 6 dishes. Now let's see what's the yummy dish 👀

I'm starting with my favorite!

The Signature-style Beancurd.

The signature-style beancurd is not only my favorite by it's Siying and my boy's favorite too.
Carefully handmade with egg each pieces by themselves, the beancurd texture is so soft and silky that it melted the moment we took our first bite.
Comes in 3 different serving size and selling at $12 , $16 and $20

Next up Honey Chicken

My first taste of the Honey Chicken was surprised! Why? You know how bloggers always take so long to snap photo of food and by the time they are done, the food will all be cold and not as nice right? But not this Honey Chicken! Yes I was so shocked. The crispiness and tenderness of the chicken are still there even only after finally able to eat it about 40-45mins later. I'm glad that there's another choice of chicken other than the typical prawn paste chicken which normal zhi char place will sell. 
Comes in 3 different serving size and selling at $12 , $16 and $20

Another star dish from their menu! The White bee hoon

I really don't have to say so much. Just look at this bowl of goodness!
The broth of the white been hoon is so thick and savoury that it makes me miss having it again. It's not like the normal dry white bee hoon. The broth has a thick texure with a tinges of creaminess. Note though the Seafood which you seen on this bowl various. The owner Song's mentioned that he will usually add in the freshest seafood that he has in his fridge. Also the bee hoon has a nice bite without it being too chewy or rubbery.
Comes in 3 different serving size and selling at $20 , $26 and $32

Next in line....

Yum Ring cooked with Chilli Chicken. This is also one of their star dish on the menu

The Yam Ring can be cook with 3 different mains. Seafood, Chilli Chicken and even Vegetarian.
Best eaten when it's hot. Selling for $22

Next up is.....

Deep Fried Sambal Fish

The Sambal fish is well deep fried and top with some nice sambal. But I can't give really good verdict for the fish as it was eaten after quite long hence it don't make justice to the great taste of it. Only opinion I have is that since this is suppose to be sambal fish, I would like it more spicy! HAHA. Because I really love spicy food and it various person to person.
This is selling at Market price so be sure to check before you order ;)

Last but not least...... It's what everyone looking forward to!

Salted Egg Crab!

Can u smell it? can you?? OMG! I must say the salty egg crab is really to die for!
I can really feel the sincereness of the boss by this dish! It's really worth to eat this salted egg crab as you can see how thick is the gravy. Even the flesh of the crab has a strong fragrance of the salted egg. Not only that, the crab is also very fresh! This shows that they don't cut down on the ingredient use and giving the best to customer. Irene really enjoyed the crab so much! Too bad I'm busy eating and didn't snap some photo of her indulging haha. 
Snapping in action :D

Our six dishes!
I really swear the food is damn good! You need why I swear by it? Because I brought my mum and dad there for a meal few weeks after. My mum is known for her fussiness in food. She don't like food easily and we always have hard time finding a place to eat. But guess what? Not only my mum praises the food after first bite, she even ordered catering from them for some mini event we have at home. So now tell me what? If you are still not making your way over there, you are really missing out!

Boss Song and all the bloggers :)
Thanks to boss Song for great hosting and Jess for Inviting!

Fisher's Tavern have recently shifted to. It's easily accessible by Mrt. The nearest station will be Lavender and it will just take about 10mins walk from the station.
If you are walking from the station, you will walk by the back of the restaurant and you will see this. Just go into CT hub 2 and you can find Fishers Tavern in this coffee shop.

Also just for my reader! Flash this post or quote FT5 for $5 off $30 spent from now till end of 2017.


114 Lavender Street,
CT Hub 2, #01-68,
Tel: 6203 7564

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat (excluding PH)
11am - 3pm (Last Order 2:45pm)
5:15pm - 11pm
(Last Order 10:30pm)

Sun and PH
1pm - 11am
avoid dinner break between 

4:45pm - 5:15pm (Last Order 10:30pm)



  1. Ahh.. still writing my yummy yummy post about Fisher's Tavern.. Yours looks drooling already. =P

    1. Hehee I'm having their food feast today at home! My mum ordered buffet catering from them hahaha.

  2. Wow! heaven yaa for seafood lovers. So nice to see you all together. Lovely pics as usual.

  3. That salted egg crab got me practically drooling... almost feel like licking my phone screen...oh... I want some... so badly

    1. HAHAHA so cute la you! Come SG we can go eat tgt :)

  4. wow! wow! your blog post makes me so hungry at this hour...craving for my supper ;) love the yam ring the most. cheers, siennylovesdrawing