Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Perfect Hi-tea moment with The Peranakan

Happy Wednesday everyone! Le mummy queen birthday just over recently and we haven't bring her out to have a decent meal.
Since I'm on my day off on a Sunday and le daddy king is available as well, I thought of bringing her for a Peranakan hi-tea at the renowned restaurant " The Peranakan" I'm happy to be back since my last tasting there was during this year CNY. I'm impressed with the authenticity of the Peranakan food and also met the most friendliest boss aka chief "Raymond". My Lou Hei session there was really so fancy and fun! The taste are also unique compare to those traditional Lou Hei.

My mummy is a really picky eater which we always have hard time planning on where to bring her to eat.😂  But I'm really confident that le queen and king will love the food there as my daddy has Peranakan blood too.

Actually what's Peranakan? The word "Peranakan" in Malay describes those who were locally born of any race, but over the years, the term has come to mean the locally born Chinese and they are called "Baba" and "Nonya" to distinguish them from those born in mainland China. Over time, Straits-born Chinese are used synonymously with Babas.  To read more about Peranakan, do refer to Wikipedia.

Who is The Peranakan? 

The Peranakan is an authentic Straits cuisine restaurant with NO MSG in Singapore. Executive Chef Raymond Khoo and his team serve three generations of delicious ‘mesti-cuba’ (must-try) Peranakan recipes, lovingly handed down by the Nonyas and Babas in his family.
They are currently, the only Peranakan restaurant along the Orchard road belt in Singapore and the only restaurant to serve a ‘Tok Panjang’ – a grand Peranakan feast, once served at the turn of the century, by wealthy Straits families to mark special occasions like weddings, anniversaries and important birthdays. Even the decorations and the staff are all dressed in Peranakan.
Over here you will learn more about Peranakan culture with their display from furnitures, cutlery, jewelry to even the traditional clothing. I shall let image do the talking :)

This table setting with the Peranakan as table cloth are really beautiful!

The history of the Peranakan Chinese Porcelain

We went for the Hi-tea which is at $24/ pax (weekday) $28/ pax (weekends) with minimum of 2 pax to share.

Some of the dishes included in the Hi-tea set are:
Deep fried chicken with turmeric and coriander

Mouthwatering meat rolls hand made with diced water chestnut, prawns, minced pork and condiments.


A spectacular dish of rice with raw herbs, vegetables, minced fish and salted fish. Only the gourmets will enjoy this.

Delicate crisp Top Hats filled with stewed julienned turnip and condiments, topped with prawn. 


Durian Pengat with gula melaka

Durian puree with thick toast

Pineapple Tarts

Apart from the Hi-tea, mum wanted to try this Ayam Goreng Ketumbar. It's a deep fried chicken with turmeric and coriander. P.s: It's about 5 pieces. I just realized I didn't take photo after 2 pieces is gone 😂

The special lemongrass drink serving each pot per person. It's also good to clear your palate after a heavy meal.

Next up is something savoury. The King of Fruit (DURIAN) Luckily you can't see me salivating 😋

If you are a durian lover and prefer to eat this rather than food, I recommend you to try the Gila Durian which include Appetizers, Starters, Main Course and Dessert at $38++ / Pax with minimum of 2 pax to share.

Pulot Enti Durian and Mao Shan Wang Durian with fragrance rice. This is really 👍👍👍👍👍

Toasties with durian, Durian Pengat and Pandan Chiffon cake with Durian. My favorite will have to be the Pandan Chiffon cake with Durian from this 3. 

The Durian Chendol is overflowing with yummlicious durian!

They also offer a 6 course degustation menu and a Chef’s Table Set Menu alongside their regular ala-carte menu.

And if you like to bring the experience home, you can even take away some of the celebrated nonya cakes and desserts that they will have available at their Takeaway Counter!
My King and Queen enjoying their Lemongrass drink.

My little boy enjoyed the food especially the Ngoh Hiang
My ootd to the tasting! Wearing something flowery to fit in 😗
 Good news for all of you who wanna try! From now till 31st August. There's a national day special of 1 for 1 Peranakan Hi-tea set. In additional, dress up in red and white to get a special gift!
Do note that it's only available for Mon-Fri 2:30pm - 5:30pm only. Reservation is recommended

Visit The Peranakan website for more menu and also to make a reservation.

Find them at:

+65 6262 4428
442 Orchard Road
Level 2 Claymore Connect
Singapore 238879

Disclaimer: Food tasting was provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review. 


  1. The high tea looks yummy. I remembered tasting pulut inti when I was in Asia. This makes me miss so many delicious peranakan food. I hope to go back again someday. I'll try the high tea at the Peranakan where I can be the nyonya and my hubby, Baba!

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  5. The deco, the umbrella, the baju kebaya and other stuff reminds me of my late grandmothers. She was of the mainland chinese origin and have always reminded us of our origins.

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    yanrula x

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  13. Peranakan is so lovely and colourful with great flavours... Would love to try this out..24 dollars is quite a steal for 2 pax with the ambience and all