Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mdmmd by Beauty Keeper.

Hi guys! Thank to the kind folks at Sample store and Beauty Keeper, I get to try "Mdmmd" a beauty product which I have never heard of from Taiwan.

About Beauty Keeper:

Beauty Keeper(美麗掌櫃) is  originated from Taiwan.

Beauty- Keeper, a platform specially made for their  valued customers Beauty-Keeper, a place where all people can pick their own beauty goods and trendy, stylish products. Many of us wish to get our hands on Taiwanese fashionable skincare, make- ups and beauty supplements, and Beauty-Keeper has finally made it happen. 
They specially collected the most popular items from Taiwan, offer only the premium on their website. 
About Mdmmd. 

Mdmmd. A is a Taiwan brand started with eight classic and iconic skincare products, including waterdrop cream, cc cream and snail serum and soon became an upward trend in On-line beauty products sales.  
Award Winning:
Their exclusive star product—Waterdrop cream, Polypeptide Resilience Lift Snail Bio-cellulose Mask, and Bio Whitening Overnight Mask had been chosen as 2013 the supreme products on net by FashionGuide, one of largest cosmetic website in Taiwan.
Polypeptide Resilience Lift Snail Bio-cellulose Mask had won the UrCosme 2013 Internet beauty Award Champion Mask.
Waterdrop cream was voted as the best face cream in 2014 Yahoo Taiwan Beauty Award among other six thousand skincare products.

Today I'm going to review 2 product from them.

Mdmmd. Water Drop Cream & Upra ® Age Delay Revive Toner.

First let's take a look at:

Mdmmd. Water Drop Cream 

This is a 3-in-1 skin care product which is a toner, serum and lotion. 

  • Milky lotion which will liquefy instantly.

  • Hydrate and keep skin supple.
  • Herbal Essence penetrate into deep skin layer and flows back onto skin surface.
  • Moisture and essence can be absorbed by skin again.
  • Improve the appearance of fine lines. 
  • Prepare your skin for the makeup and help makeup to stay.
  • Keeps oily makeup look with fully hydrated skin
  • Contains no oil and not destroy skin water-oil balance.

There are 5 main ingredients in this:

1: Thiostim
- Stimulate cell metabolism, protect functional enzymes and structural proteins against oxidative aggression.

2: Drieline
- Prevent UVB damage and improves collagen synthesis.

3: Diffuporine
- Improves the water flow from the epidermal basal layer to the stratum corneum to preserve and increase skin hydration.

4: Pentavitin
- Skin identical carbohydrate complex. Unique skin binding mechanism. Ensures instant, deep hydration for 72 hours.

5: Niacinamide
- Elevate skin defense ability. Improves ageing skin. Pump up skin vitality.

How to use?

- Fully cleanse face and pat dry
- Apply proper amount of water drop cream on face
- Massage your face in circular motion to elevate absorbency.

My radiance and supple skin after using water drop cream.

Upra ® Age Delay Revive Toner


 Revitalizing Skin. A Key to the Gate of Skin Care
Glycosyl Trehalose Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate is known for “the sugar of life.”
Accompanied with Beta-Glucan, they improve rough and flaky skin.

Compound Bio-Technology
Feel the True Hydration

New bio-technology invented in 2014, Upra is rich in high concentration of compound yeast extract. It prevents and delay ageing. Moreover, it improves flaky skin while brightening, moisturizing, replenishing the basic need of skin layers.

Gamma-Polyglutamic Acid, a natural herbal extract known for herbal collagen, is rich in Vitamins and multiple digestive enzyme complexes. It stimulates the production of the natural moisturizing factor NMF in horn cells and achieves abundant and long-term hydration.
A New Form of tiny molecule
Sodium Hyaluronate
It penetrates into skin easily. Comparing to traditional Hyaluronic Acid, it lasts longer and it's harder to evaporate. It brings significant moisturizing and firming effect to skin.

 Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate and Niacinamide works tremendously on rejuvenating, revitalizing, elevating immunity and improving fatigued skin.
Multiple compound extracts infuse nutrients into skin while revitalizing, calming and moisturizing skin. Absolute deep repairing replenishes all needs for skin and keeps skin in a best condition.

Mdmmd. Upra ® Age Delay Revive Toner

This is a wake up skin and freeze age essence toner. 

  • Revive, hydrates, improve visible aging.
  • Slows down skin aging.
  • Leave skin with a smooth and radiant surface appearance. 
  • Improve drying appearance.
  • Help skin cell metabolism. 
  • Whiten skin. 
  • Providing nutritions for skin. 
  • No fragrance, no alcohol and no coloring.   

How to use?

After cleanse, pour appropriate amount to cotton pad or onto palm and apply gently to skin. Massage until fully absorbed.  

The essence has a thick watery texture. It is a little difficult to pour out. It's best to shake the bottle before pouring it out onto the cotton pad or your palm.

The essence set my skin very well for other skin care products to be applied after that.

That's all for my review today. Do try them out yourself and share with me your view!

Where to get them?
Beauty Keeper Online

Disclaimer: Product was provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review. 


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