Thursday, January 19, 2017

Non-invasive treatment with SantaHong Dermatology Clinic in Seoul

Hello everyone! After a long hiatus, I'm finally back. I'm so busy with work and was away on a holiday to Seoul.

I shall start my blog with a review on SantaHong Dermatology Clinic. You know many female always envy how those Korean girls looking so pretty with a sharp facial features and fair good skins and to achieve that in this tropical climate it's really difficult. I'm really glad that I have found a non-invasive way. I met the team at SantaHong and liaised with them before my trip. I must say that out of so many Korean that I have met, they are the nicest one. Kevin was the key person whom I spoke to over Whatsapp and email. He is a good English speaker and is extremely helpful.

My initial thought on the treatment that I want is to treat my bad eyebags as I frequently get insomnia and the next morning my eye bag and circle really bad.

SantaHong clinic is quite easy to locate. It's on the subway line Sinnonhyeon Exit 3. After exit you have to turn left and continue to walk about 100m before you can see the SantaHong building itself.

It's located at Level 8 for the registration and consultation and yes for their facial treatment, it will be on another level.

Once I arrive, I was greeted by their friendly receptionist. I'm wow by their beautiful interior design. It seems so classy. I was send to a small room to fill in my details and after that I get to meet Dr. Hong and have a small consultation with him. Don't worry if you have got friend following you as there's a beautiful waiting area for them to seat.

Meet Dr. Hong, he can speak English as well and he asked me on what treatment does I want to do. I told him my main focus is my eyebags and during my research I have found that tear through filler is one of the treatment that can help to minimise eyebags. After some discussion Dr. Hong suggested that eye Botox result will be even more effective. I'm so sceptical about the idea of Botox. Even was before when I was in SG, some of the aesthetics also suggested me to Botox and I truly hate the idea of that. However Dr. Hong convince me and I decided to give it a try since the result will only last for 3 months. I continued to ask Dr. Hong what else does he thinks I will need for my face and he suggested "Fillers for laughing line and also Newthera face lift".

What's the purpose?

Fillers for laughing line helps to remove smile line wrinkles so that you can look younger when you smile.

As for Newthera Face lift, Dr. Hong is the key Doctor for this treatment.
- It helps to provides skin elasticity and improve skintone
- Provides lifting and anti-wrinkle effects
- Lastly it helps to makes your skin stay moisturise.

After the short discussion, I was escorted to level 7 to proceed with my first treatment (Newthera Face Lift)

I'm being escort to this cosy treatment room. The staff gave clear instructions.
First I will have to wear their robe over and proceed to their cleansing room to remove my makeup.
Yes you heard me right. They have a cleansing room which provides all the necessities and they will leave you in the room to have your things done privately.

After cleansing of my makeup, This is my before.

The staff apply some cooling gel on my face. I believe this is important as the Newthera treatment is quite warm and it will go deep into the lower layer of the dermis 7 mhz: 3.0mm  they want to ensure not to burn our skin.
Dr. Hong came down from L8 shortly to start the treatment.

Dr Hong is very detailed and careful. He start from my chin to my cheek, eye area and slowly to my forehead. Lastly he will lift from my neck. The overall treatment went pass quickly and I feel comfortable most of the time except that some of the thin and sensitive area I will feel a slight tingly sensation.

Here's the video of the lifting process.

The lifting was complete within 30mins and I was asked to go up to level 8 again. This time it's for my fillers and Botox treatment. I'm getting so nervous and excited at the same time.

I was seated at this comfortable chair and waiting for Dr. Hong to come again.

It's really nerve-racking when you see so many staff in the room looking at you going through the treatment. A anaesthesia was present too. In order to get the fillers done on my smile line, I got to have anaesthetic injected in both the laughing line area. I really got a shocked when I saw how long the needles are. To be honest, it's really so painful when they inject the anaesthetic in that I almost teared.  After about 3mins I starting to feel numb on my mouth and lips area and that's when the fillers start. I must say the the anaesthetic really is important if you don't want to feel longer pain throughout the process.
 Look at how shocked I'm when I saw this really long needle.💀

Dr. Hong started on my right side of the face first by injecting the fillers and shaping. I don't feel anything at all but just so excited on how the turnout will be. The filler that was use is Restylane
which is the best kind.

After a few round of injecting and shaping, the treatment was finally done. Dr.Hong asked me to look into the mirror and see if I like it. I can immediately see the difference. My smile line are gone when I smile and my face look firmer and younger. Everyone in the room seems so impressed too. Kinda starting to feel happy because so many people admiring and wow at the result..😂😄

Next up and the last treatment is the Botox around the eye area. Dr. Hong informed me that no anaesthetic is needed for Botox as it's very fast and minimum pain. I'm still afraid though as it's near the eye area which skin around this area are more sensitive and thin. Dr. Hong uses a Korean brand Botox which is call "Botelex"

True enough the pain was really minimum and the process was so quick. I couldn't see immediate effect though as I was informed that the result for Botox will only show in 2 weeks.

Here's the video of my fillers and Botox treatment.

After all the process was done, I was escorted back to L7 for aftercare. Time for pampering after all the pain 😏 Some mask and after care was applied on.

I was told of some ways to care for my face.
I shouldn't apply makeup for the first day, no drinking of alcohol for 1 week, avoid steam or any heat for 1 week and lastly try to sleep face up. To be honest, I did drink for abit because I'm on a holiday at korea how can I not drink 😝🙊 also I have difficulty sleeping up right. But all this don't seems like a big deal as I woke up to a glowing skin 😊.

I left SantaHong Dermatology happily. Here's my result for you to see the difference.
All image are not in anyway edited or photoshop nor any makeup was applied.

Can you see the huge different in my face? I felt that my skin are more clearer, radiant, smoother. Most importantly, I'm so happy with the result on my eye area.

I'm truly grateful and thankful the team at SantaHong and Dr. Hong. I will surely be back for followup if I'm ever in Korea.

Anyway I'm not going to state the address here. I'm going to guide you on the way to SantaHong Dermatology. You can take the subway Line 9 and alight at Sinnonhyeon Station.
After alighting, exit 3 and come out of the exit turn left walk for about 3mins to reach SantaHong building.

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you have the courage to try the treatment and let me know your view below.

Xoxo 😘

Disclaimer: Treatment was provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.