Friday, April 20, 2018

K.Star Singapore review

K.Star (Sing like a star) is new landmarks on Orchard Road, the first theme KTV. K.STAR is an attractive and unique KTV which allows you to unleashed your inner singer vibes here. K.Star is located in the golden section of Orchard Road, allowing you to add a new place to have fun and entertained at the same time. 

Yesterday I'm honored to be invited to explore K.Star by Jesq.

Opened by a beautiful lady boss who used to studied in Singapore and returned to China and start her own business. That was when she thought of that when she was studying in Singapore that there isn't any theme KTV in Singapore.

The beautifully theme room will also encourage those who are always shy and reserved to relax and sing without fear as everyone who step into K.Star will feel like a star! I'm not joking! HAHA. Usually when I go KTV with my friends, I usually don't dare to sing or I will sing with analog turned on. But when I was in K.Star, I just sing my lung out even when there was unfamiliar faces around. I guess the main reason was there's this amazing standing mic which acts like a filter for voice! It turn my duck voice in a star like voice LOL!
But of course I'm not a professional singer still! 
This is the mic which I talk about! HAHA I'm pretending that I'm a great singer which received bouquet of flowers :p
Flower don't belong to me though haha. I just love this beautiful bouquet which I saw displaying on the table. Must be the Lady boss flower from her fiancee. She's nice enough to borrow it to me for photo taking.
There's a total of 25 Beautiful theme room which can fit minimum 6 pax in their mini room to their VIP room which can fit up to 35 pax.

Can you spot the "Line theme" room?
Flamingo theme. I love the PINK!πŸ’–
This room is elongated which has a pool table fitted too!
Space theme
This is our room. The VIP room which is really huge and spacious! There's even 2 darts machined fitted and 1 large projector screen and 1 normal TV.
All the fingers food / Snacks that will come together with this VIP room.

Every room will come with this game wheel. It's for those who would like to play drinking games.

The sensor controller is intact on the wall to control lightings, volume etc.
One thing which I think others might find it troublesome is that they does not have wireless remote to control and choose the songs which you would like to sing or control volume / lighting etc. We have to go to the screen located at the front of the room. But it isn't an issue to me as I don't think I will even sit down and sing seeing that the room is so huge. I just kept walking around and standing at my fav mic area to use that to sing like a star! πŸ˜‰

Below are the different package which they offer for the type of rooms they have.
Interesting thing is that they have many kinds of Whiskey tact to package. Great for Whiskey lovers like me. Now I'm tempted to hold my birthday celebration here. LOL 

The prices are quite competitive as the mini rooms can fit up to 6 pax and you can jio your friends to sing for a good 3hrs and divide the cost.

Oh they also offer beer if you don't fancy whiskey.

Now just look at the open concept bar! The different kinds of liquor they offer are really impressive rightπŸ‘πŸ‘
There's many pretty decoration around which many can't resist taking beautiful pictures and OOTD here!
Here's one with the cutie Coney and Brown from Line 😍 Wish I can bring them back!

The beautiful ladies. Left: Isabella, Center: Jesq

More beautiful ladies which I met lastnight! 

Visit them now at:

@ 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #05-01, S238896
Whatsapp Enquiry: (65) 9438 8463   Booking hotline: (65) 6634 2801


Disclaimer: K.Star singing session was provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. 


  1. What a beautiful themed karaoke outlet. I don't think there is anything like this in Malaysia either!

    1. It's really beautiful. Everyone enjoys themselves! If you ever come SG do visit this place.

  2. You made it absolutley gobsmacking it seems. I been there once and it was so stylish and so trendy one wiht my friend. Though i am not alcoholic , i just visited this and had a glimpse of all over the interior decoration inside kstar ..pretty good though and lovely snaps | regards from Quora Gaffer

    1. Thanks! 😬 did your friends and you enjoy this place?

  3. well i love the theme concept and am all out for the theme. Nice and good for the management to make this kind of concept for a karaoke place.

    1. Yes agree with you.Kudos to the team! πŸ‘

  4. Oh my... This place so great and I wanna go so much. So happening place!!!

    1. Haha please do visit! Let me know if you like it :)

  5. I like that they have so many special decor room for sing k! I would really enjoy myself in these kind of special theme room =)

    1. Yes me too. I love the different unique theme!